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2015 Programme

You can view all events from the 2015 here to give you an idea of what to expect from our 2016 programme.

Or click on the links below to view each of the individual event pages.


What’s Involved?

GDOD brings the whole city together, giving free access to visitors:

Buildings – this year around 108 buildings throughout the city opened up their doors

Green Spaces – there were 4 green spaces involved to celebrate Glasgow’s Year of Green 2015

Walks and Tours – around 55 walks and tours took place all focusing on different areas and subjects. Most were walking tours however there were also some subway, bike, bus and boat tours

Talks – we had around 15 talks focusing on Glasgow and its history

Events – There were also some additional events taking place including a WW1 trench and a celebration on tenements

Children’s Programme – for the first time ever DODF included a dedicated children’s programme with 40+  events – all for free!


Is it all free?

Yes – the whole festival is free every year and open for anyone to attend. But you can donate to help us continue to deliver the festival.

Our valued sponsors:

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