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Awards for Excellence

In 2013 we began the Doors Open Day Awards for Excellence to champion the efforts made towards Doors Open Day.

In 2014 over 500 positive comments were received, many of which specifically mention buildings, organisations and individuals that have made a lasting impression on the visitor.

5 Awards were given to organisations and individuals that visitors have highlighted to us:



2014 Winners

Above & Beyond Niall Murphy & Fergus Sutherland

Both winners of this award gave a tremendous amount of their time to Doors Open Day and to GBPT. They coped well under pressured situations; including managing to deliver a walking tour to more than 90 people at one time; and being able to negotiate their way through George Square during the referendum.

With visitors commenting specifically on their enthusiasm and infallible knowledge on their subject areas, they have shown a true passion and service to the built heritage industry.

enthusiastic talker with a sense of humour

it opened my eyes to Glasgows architecture and history brought alive by our exceptional guide. They went beyond the call of duty. They  spoke for 6 hours, by the end and  They were as passionate about the information they gave us from the moment the tours started. WHAT A STAR.

knowledgeable, interesting, patient with questions. tour was fascinating


Behind the Scenes St Marys Episcopal Cathedral

The winners of this award have managed to grant access to areas that visitors would not normally gain access to.

They provided an engaging experience that gives an insight into the history and charm of their building that visitors have treasured and have commented on as being a true ‘doors open’ experience.

the experience of going up the bell tower is spectacular. Walking up the narrow stone spiral staircase is exciting, then greeted by the art of bell ringing at the top of the bell tower. It is such a rare opportunity to experience that


Innovative Engagement Glasgow Crematorium

The winners of this award developed an engaging programme of events encompasing the architecture, the stained glass windows, the use of the building, the technology within and the history

Whilst dealing with a somewhat sensitive issue they worked closely with a theatre production company to bring the building to life and ensure that their visitors curiosity was satisfied, an enjoyable experience was had and visitors felt comfortable to ask as many questions as they liked.

the building was beautiful and very interesting. The staff were so knowledgeable and made the visit a great experience. The performance by the theatre group was also excellent, bringing the history of the site to life. This was a building which I hadnt been aware of before the event and it was fascinating to find out about it and its history, as well as being able to see and learn about the technology behind the scenes.

This was also their first year involved in Doors Open Day!


Architectural Partnership Notre Dame Primary School

The winner of this award managed to ensure that the architecture and the progress towards this build was at the forefront of the learning experience yet maintained a community and light hearted feel.

Four main partnerships were highlighted to us by visitors; with children, parents, teachers and architects working together and providing information on each of their areas and creating a memorable experience for all.

This is a great example of a restoration project that has connected with the public, with many appreciating the presence of the architects.

It felt like a real community event. Pupils welcoming you to the school, Teachers, students and the architect all there. Refreshments available. Access into all the key areas.

This was also their first year to be involved!



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