Basking in Natural Light

Today we are thinking about light, and how architectural design of buildings and the use of glass can be harnessed.

The Briggait

  • Serving as Glasgow’s Fish Market for 100 years, the Briggait’s 1873 courtyard area is architecturally stunning and benefits from masses of natural light. Now home to over 40 artists’ studios, the sunlight flooding into the building can be harnessed by those workings in the space.

St. Andrew’s in the Square

  •  Formerly St Andrew’s Parish Church, this classical Georgian church pre dates the square is now inhibits. As part of the repair and conservation of the church undertaken in 2000, architect Nicholas Groves-Raines made the decision to remove the stained glass windows and install plain glass; so as to restore the church closest to its original 18th century self. As a result of this decision, the main gallery provides an amazing auditorium awash with natural light.


Springburn – The Rome of the North

  •  The Winter Garden set in Springburn Park was at one point the largest glasshouse in Scotland at 842 sq. m. This A-listed structure was once popular with Springburn residents for its exotic plants and exhibitions.