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Glasgow Doors Open Day has over 1198 volunteers that help the festival take place! We will be posting various opportunities to volunteer both at the Doors Open Day Headquarters and with specific Doors Open Day events and buildings. Keep you eye on this page for new positions posted. Scroll down for all positions.


Doors Open Day Headquarters Volunteers Wanted


Glasgow Building Preservation Trust is looking for keen individuals to assist with the organisation and marketing of Glasgow Doors Open Day 2015

Glasgow Doors Open Day is organised by Glasgow Building Preservation Trust and is financially supported by Glasgow City Council plus others. The event takes place every September, allowing access to a variety of buildings, venues and areas in Glasgow. The core element of the event is that it is completely FREE for all public to attend and enjoy! Events and marketing volunteers are required to assist with the tasks involved within the process of organising and publicising in the lead up to September.

Details: Candidates will be offered a variety of ‘shifts’ that they can sign up to between July and November 2015

Duties: The tasks that will be required to be performed will relate to the following areas: Event Organisation, Event Management, Marketing and PR. In detail the tasks involve the following:

  • Promotions – at a variety of dates PR activity will take place within the City. This may include costumed flyering (costumes would be provided) and/or promotional t-shirts.
  • Event Preparation – assistance within the office will be required on an ad hoc basis, preparing materials for participants
  • Distribution – distribution of brochures and posters in a variety of areas.
  • Customer Service – assistance within the events office with phone call and email enquiries, offering advice and help to visitors.
  • Event Assistant – assisting at events during Glasgow Doors Open Day such as press launches, talks, building visits and other special events.
  • GBPT Representative – visiting buildings and events during Doors Open Day to represent GBPT and report back with a checklist and images.
  • Administration – involvement in website updates, social media updates and evaluation process.

Requirements: To apply for these positions an interest in events, marketing, PR, architecture or heritage is desirable.

This is an opportunity to experience the following:

  • Experience a variety of roles involved within events organisation
  • Working in a busy office environment
  • Planning and organising an established festival
  • Contributing to a community event

Please Note: Due to extremely limited resources these are NOT paid positions however expenses will be covered and will be discussed at the induction.

Please email [email protected] with your CV and a short description as to why you would like to be involved in Glasgow Doors Open Day.



Heritage Tour Guides

Closing Date: 18th August 2015

Glasgow City Councils, Historic Glasgow, are looking for keen individuals to in delivering two heritage tours to be delivered for Glasgow Doors Open Day 2015/

Volunteers are required to deliver one guided tour and be fully involved with five days training over a five week period leading up to Doors Open Day in September 2015.

Details: Candidates will be offered two tours , on two themes (First world war and the Medieval City) and will train in only one. The tours will be delivered over one day.

Training: Successful candidates will be asked to join a five week (one day a week) skills training programme.

Knowledge: we welcome all candidates who have a knowledge of the subject or are just willing to learn something new, beginning 20th August 2015.Additional training dates are 27th August, 3rd,8th and 10th September – 9.30 -4.30pm, all will be held in the Lighthouse or GCHT offices.

Requirements: To apply for these positions are an interest in WW1, medieval history, architecture or heritage is desirable.

This is an opportunity to experience the following:

  • Experience of public speaking and presentation.
  • Learning and development.
  • Contributing to a community event
  • Possibly to put towards an accreditation

You will be asked to come to an interview and fill in an agreement. You will be expected to begin training on the 20th August 2015. Please note the closing date is 18th August, if you are being asked to come for an interview this is likely to happen around the 14th August .

Please Note: Due to extremely limited resources these are NOT paid positions.

Please access our websites ; www.firstworldwarglasgow.co.uk and www.historicglasgow.com

Please email [email protected] with your CV and a short description as to why you would like to be involved in our tours and in Glasgow Doors Open Day.



Pollokshaws Burgh Halls Volunteers Wanted

Doors Open Day at the Hall is being held over two days : Saturday 19th.September & Sunday 20th.September.

The first day (Saturday) is a celebration of the Burgh Hall, with lectures from Prof. S.McKinstry on the work of the architect Sir Robert Rowland Anderson, the Heritage Society on the development of the Pollokshaws Village, the work of the Design Studio and  GHA on the Partial Regeneration Project of Pollokshaws. The day concludes with a short Wurlitzer concert.

2/3 volunteers are required to assist on this day.

The second day (Sunday) is a community day which will feature the many clubs and organisations working in the Pollokshaws community, together with organised tours of the historic A Listed building and entertainment in song and dance. The day concludes with a short Wurlitzer concert.

4/5 volunteers are required on this day.

The duties required are reception of visitors and assistance in provision of coffee & teas and on the Sunday assistance in setting up exhibition tables and displays.

The Trustees will be most grateful to anyone who can volunteer their service on either day by contacting the Hall on 0141 632 5811 and leaving a message with their contact details.






♫ The artists on the bus go … ♪ Volunteers Wanted

Enjoy a fun and exciting day with local artists this September

Promote arts in North Glasgow and engage the public with the North Glasgow Arts Trail

Saturday 19th September 2015, 12-4pm

Minimum age 16

Click here for more information on roles as Bus Assistants and Events Assistants


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