A Space Booked Every Second!

Waw! A Space a Second!


We reached new records today. Within half an hour of opening our booking system 1,800 spaces had been booked – that’s a space a second! And proves just how popular the event has become!


Bookings opened at 10am

We knew this year was going to be popular following a huge number of requests for brochures and a 25% increase in visits to the website. Our small team of staff and volunteers took a huge volume of calls from 10am today whilst many other people visited www.glasgowdoorsopenday.com to book. Within half an hour of opening 1,800 spaces had been booked across the 57 bookable buildings & events – that’s a space a second! Within the first four hours the total number booked reached 3,000 spaces! And within just 3 minutes Glasgow Central Station tours were fully booked!


Still spaces left

Although a number of spaces have been booked already there are still spaces on a number of the events. You can find these here.  Additionally over two thirds of the programme doesn’t require booking at all!




Thank you!

We just want to say a massive thank you to all of our volunteers who have helped us get to this point by updating our websites, distributing our brochures and helping us take the calls today. Without this huge network of volunteers this event would not be possible and it is clear that our visitors all appreciate the work that they do.

We have had a number of people on the phone this morning, and even though some haven’t managed to get spaces on the tours that they wanted they couldn’t have been any nicer and praised the event and all those involved in it.

Hearing how positive they have been has made us even more prouder to live in Glasgow and be part of this event. Bring on 14th September!