Booking System Re-Opening Friday 23rd August

Unfortunately we have experienced a number of difficulties with our new website and booking system. We have had to close the existing bookings system twice and have now made the decision to change to another system to avoid any more frustration.

EventBrite Bookings will re-open at 10am on Friday 23rd August

We will now be using the external site: EventBrite to process our bookings, which we will re-open at 10am on Friday 23rd August. Each webpage will have a link to the appropriate page to book.

If you had Created a Wishlist

As our systems have had to change unfortunately our ‘wishlist’ function will not be available from now on. If you have already registered for a wishlist then you will receive an email shortly containing your wishlist. Please note these are NOT bookings, this is simply your wishlist that you will be able to use to quickly get to the individual event pages to then book should you need to.

Limited number of Bookings Made

In the short time that bookings were opened on Tuesday 20th August in the morning some people were able to get through and book unbeknown to us. The booking system was closed as soon as we realised this. We made the decision to honour all bookings that were able to get through on both Tuesday morning and Wednesday lunchtime. We have transferred these bookings over to our new system and new confirmation emails will be received via EventBrite in due course.

Bookings Made before Opening

There have been discussions that some bookings were made before 9am on Tuesday morning unbeknown to us. As we have now been able to access our system we have seen that a few did manage to get through before our opening time. We would like to apologise profusely for this however will be honouring these bookings as this was due to no fault of those whom managed to book. We hope that everyone can understand this decision given the extremely unfortunate situation.

Glasgow Central Station

Unfortunately due to the sheer popularity, Glasgow Central Station tours are almost full. There was over 1000 visitors viewing the central station webpage in just one day and we were only able to offer 90 tickets (which were limited to 2 per person). As there has been such a huge interest in the tours, Glasgow Central Station have announced that they are considering tours in the future however they have not announced any timescales for these. Although it may be very disappointing, this has highlighted how interested everyone is in Glasgow Central Station. For their updates, like their facebook page.

Although this was a very disappointing situation, we would like to highlight a few things that our loyal audience need to know;

  • Glasgow Doors Open Day is growing fast, and we are perhaps victims of our own success. We are delighted that so many visitors are interested in taking part in the event, showing the level of interest in our extremely rich architecture and heritage.


  • Everyone involved takes part voluntarily opening and staffing their building. We should remember that those gifting their time to organise each event and lead tours do so because they want to share their knowledge. Places are limited because we cannot expect people to do anymore and we are extremely privileged to have so many people involved that are so passionate about Glasgow. Each year the event grows and we will continue to try to meet the demands of our visitors. We realise how popular Glasgow Central Station is and we will endeavour to deliver this again in future and work with the relevant partners to enable this.


  • The core essence of the event is that it is free and open to anyone. Budgets are therefore very limited and there is only so much we can deliver. We are supported by Glasgow City Council and many other sponsors and we would like to thank them for this. We will always seek to find new ways to generate extra income and welcome any help with this so that we can develop and progress.


We will continue to organise this much loved event and have learnt some valuable lessons. We hope that come next year we will be able to re-launch our website with all of the functions being fully available and working.


Again we are sorry for all of the hassle this has caused and hope that you can continue planning your Doors Open Day.